The Dobson Law Firm is a small firm that has been providing personalized legal services to businesses and their owners for more than sixty-seven years. At Dobson, your case is handled by a partner of the firm with many years of experience and advanced specialized knowledge in the area of law. All of our partners have been recognized during their career as Certified Specialists by the South Carolina Supreme Court and a majority maintain current status as Certified Specialists in areas of their practice.

The four partners have a combined number of nearly one hundred years of experience. The partner handling your work may be assisted by other attorneys in the firm, including other partners, associates, paralegals and secretarial staff members who also have many years of experience in your type of legal work. While we honor traditional law practice values, we invest in and use 21st century technology.

The result will speak for itself. Your legal need will be handled promptly, efficiently and with attention to detail to ensure it is completed accurately and timely. Further, because of our experience and knowledge, we can be most helpful in planning on the front end. Frequently, there are many ways of handling a particular matter. We can chart a course to minimize tax liability and other personal liability while providing a legal structure that will accomplish your goal. We can help negotiate the legal structure with other parties and help close the deal.

We limit our range of services to areas in which we have a high level of skill and experience. Our work includes assisting clients with the legal aspects of all stages of business, including developing the operating format, raising capital, acquiring and merging with other businesses, ongoing operating issues and liquidating and dissolving. We have an especially strong background in representing professional practices and healthcare businesses. Our work also includes personal planning for the owners of the business, such as estate planning, asset protection and tax planning.

As a group, our attorneys are licensed to practice law in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Accordingly, we frequently handle legal matters throughout the Southeastern United States, including multi-state matters.

The result is good decision making upfront, prompt and efficient implementation of those decisions and effective follow through to get the deal done.

Can we help you? Let’s get started.

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