With more than sixty years of business law experience within the firm, we meet the needs of our clients by assisting them with all aspects of starting a business, terminating a business or with operating an already established business. Our attorneys have extensive experience in representing professional associations, corporations, limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, partnerships, joint ventures and non-profit corporations. Additionally, our attorneys also represent numerous physician and health care practices (See Health Care Page). We advise our clients on issues such as the appropriate type of entity to utilize to minimize taxes, how to maximize their liability protection, compliance issues, real estate transfers and leases, the formation and structure of the business and various other legal issues that could potentially arise during the lifetime of the business.

Our attorneys routinely handle an extensive range of corporate issues including assisting clients in the preparation of corporate documents and regulatory filings, structuring 401(k), profit-sharing and other deferred compensation plans, negotiating and closing financing relationships, assisting in stock or asset acquisitions and dispositions, assisting in all aspects of business combinations and separations, analyzing the benefits and detriments of all types of business entities, assisting in the acquisition of a franchise, drafting and reviewing contracts and licenses, negotiating contracts, assisting in corporate reorganization and dissolution, drafting of employment agreements and representing businesses in the negotiation of shareholder, non-compete and confidentiality agreements.

Our attorneys also offer our clients assistance with their needs with respect to federal, state and local taxes, including tax laws governing corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability companies and non-profit corporations. Our certified tax specialist is extensively experienced in tax controversies and we are ready to represent our clients’ interest in the event that their expertise is required (See Taxation Page).

Whether you are ready to start a new business or need advice with an existing business, the attorneys at Dobson, Jones, Ball, Phillips and Bridges are ready to help you chart your course and reach your destination.

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