TaxesThe Dobson Law Firm provides legal services to our clients relative to many aspects of taxation.  Our goal is to provide to our clients the best overall solution for their specific tax situation.  We understand dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) and the South Carolina Department of Revenue rules and regulations can be a very time consuming, frustrating, and extremely stressful experience.  Representation by a tax attorney in any area of tax representation is preferable over representation by an accountant in that all communications between the attorney and client are considered confidential and private.  Our staff of attorneys and enrolled agents provides experienced representation before the Internal Revenue Service, the South Carolina Department of Revenue, as well as county and municipal taxing authorities.  This representation includes handling federal and state tax controversies and tax litigation, involving income, estate, sales and property taxes, of either civil or criminal nature; including investigations, audits, appeals and litigation.

We provide our clients with assistance in audits and appeals with the IRS and SC Department of Revenue with regard to a variety of individual and corporate tax areas.  Taxing authorities are in the business of determining and collecting the maximum amount of tax allowed by law.  We know the law and the administrative procedures and are able to aid our clients in navigating the often confusing system to the best possible outcome.  

We have successfully represented clients in the tax collection process with the IRS and SC Department of Revenue for more than sixty-seven years.  We have extensive experience in preparing and negotiating installment agreements, Offers in Compromise, innocent spouse relief requests and penalty abatements.  If you or your business (or former business) owes past due taxes, penalties and/or interest, you may be eligible for the Offer in Compromise or equitable relief programs.  If you have been charged by the IRS or SC Department of Revenue with any variety of the numerous penalties authorized, you may have reasonable cause for those penalties to be abated.  If you would like to discuss this possibility, please contact us.

The Dobson Law Firm can also help you in your personal, business and estate tax planning.  We assist in charitable giving trusts, asset protection trusts and estate planning for high net worth individuals.  We offer extensive knowledge in the area of minimization of estate tax.  Our knowledgeable staff can also help you in planning, forming and administering a variety of nonprofit corporations and foundations.  We can also assist your business in planning for succession transitions, maximizing available business deductions, designing and implementing qualified and nonqualified retirement plans, designing and implementing deferred compensation plans and other qualified and nonqualified employee benefit plans.  We work closely with our client to craft a tax strategy which optimizes tax benefits while avoiding or minimizing negative tax consequences.

Whatever level of tax planning or tax controversy, we are able to successfully and thoroughly advise our clients on all levels for the best possible outcome.  Our attorneys help our clients face the challenges posed by civil and criminal taxation laws and procedures.  The Dobson Law firm is dedicated to providing efficient, effective and experienced tax counseling to our clients.

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