Estate Planning & Wills

According to a recent Harris Poll survey, 64% of Americans do not have a will.  The top reasons cited in the survey were “they haven’t gotten around to it yet,” fear of difficulty and the perceived expense. Every individual or family needs a will that specifies how their accumulated assets will be distributed upon their death.  Our experienced Estate Planning and Wills attorneys at the Dobson Law Group provide a comprehensive range of Estate Planning legal services including planning, advising and the creation of a Will document to individuals and their families in Greenville and through the Upstate of South Carolina.

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Importance of a Will

A Will is an essential legal written document that specifies the distribution of an individuals’ assets and the care of any minor children through the appointment of legal guardians when you die. A will designates an “executor” or a trusted individual, known as a Personal Representative, who executes the provisions of the will and is responsible for the administration of the estate.  In the case where is no will, estate assets will generally be subject to the probate process and will be disbursed according to state statutes.  The execution of a will requires two witnesses and a Notary Public.

Without a clear estate plan or dying intestate (without a will) can trigger legal challenges among family members, create costly delays in probate and issues where there are minor children involved.

Our experienced Wills attorney at the Dobson Law Group can review your existing will to ensure the structure, allocation and designations continue to be valid and reflect your wishes upon death.

Living Will & Advance Health Care Directive

A Living Will, also known as Living Will Form, Advance Health Care Directive, Advance Directive, and Advance Medical Directive, details an individuals’ end-of-life decisions. If a person becomes unable to communicate their wishes due to incapacity, a Living Will specifies to family members and medical professionals their wishes and personal choices regarding extraordinary life support measures, DNR (“do not resuscitate”), and end-of-life care is being respected.

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