Claims Against Estates

Our experienced Probate Litigation attorneys at Dobson Law Group help to resolve claims against the estate or on behalf of estates.  We provide a comprehensive range of Estate Litigation legal services including representing individuals and family members in Greenville and throughout the Upstate of South Carolina resolving claims against and on of an estate, Our Probate and Estate law attorneys have a deep understanding and knowledge of the probate process and litigating disputes and resolving claims arising during the probate of an estate.

Types of Claims Against the Estate

Claims on behalf of estates and claims against estate arise during the probate process of settlement of the decedents’ debts and estate.  Our experienced probate and estate lawyers resolve issues involving claims against estates and on behalf of estates against those liable to the decedent in the following situations:

  • Tort claims either on behalf of or against the decedent;
  • Third-party claims against estates, such as claims by creditors;
  • Breach of contract claims involving agreements to which the decedent was a party;
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims against an executor or administrator of the estate;
  • Claims of a surviving spouse or child who is not provided for in a will;
  • Claims involving partnership or business disputes where decedent had a position of management or ownership interest in a company;
  • Claims either on behalf or against the decedent relating to the conduct before death, for which the estate remains liable;
  • Claims involving the recovery of money owed to the decedent, or his or her trust, after his or her death;
  • Claims from surviving spouse, family member or child not provided for in a will or trust;
  • Tort claims and legal liabilities on behalf or against the decedent;
  • Claims against estates involving third-party and creditor claims;

Consult a South Carolina Probate & Estate Law Attorney in Greenville SC

If you or a family member is currently involved or facing the probate process, involved in probate disputes, litigation or the settlement of claims on behalf or against the decedent’s estate, we encourage you to contact an experienced Probate and Estate Law lawyer at the Dobson Law Group to discuss your options and requirements at (864)271-8171 or online to schedule an initial consultation.