Trust Disputes

Are you or a family member involved in current or pending trust contest or trust dispute? Our experienced Trust Dispute attorneys at Dobson Law Group can help protect your inheritance interests and advocate for your rights.  We provide a comprehensive range of Probate and Estate law legal services including representing individuals and family members in Greenville and throughout the Upstate of South Carolina who wish to contest or dispute a trust, individuals tasked with maintaining that the validity of the will or trust, and probate dispute resolution, Our Trust Disputes attorneys have a deep understanding and knowledge of the probate process and litigating disputes arising by the probate of an estate.

Trust Disputes & Probate Litigation

When an estate enters the probate process, issues often arise.  Family members may dispute the will or a trust and question its validity for various reasons.  Issues often arise when the decedent failed to create a will, poorly planned their estate, or created a will or trust that does not allocate assets to specific family member.  Sometimes the decedents’ will or trust bequeaths their inheritance or assets to an acquaintance, non-family member or foundation, which create probate disputes among parties exempted from the trust.  In some instances, the family members my suspect or accuse the executor or administrator of wrong-doing or undue influence.  The Dobson Law Group’ Trust Disputes Lawyers can assist you in resolving all probate disputes.

Trust Disputes

There is a broad range of reasons and suspicions to contest or dispute a will or trust.  The following are some of the reasons for a trust contest or dispute that we handle:

  • Trust disputes involving breach of fiduciary responsibility or duty
  • Trust disputes involving Elder abuse
  • Trust disputes involving unclear or uncertain interpretations or statements in trust;
  • Trust disputes involving forged documents, forged signatures
  • Trust disputes concerning forceful changes to the trust while under duress
  • Trust disputes concerning fraud and undue influence; (ie. coercion or pressure by self-serving third parties—into working certain provisions into the trust that the grantor would not have included under normal circumstances)
  • Trust disputes concerning Mental capacity or “lack of capacity”; the validity of a trust requires the grantor meet specific legal requirements at inception or modification of trust;
  • Trust disputes resulting from the improper formation, failure to acquire proper signatures, witnesses or other legal requirements

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